Monday, 29 September 2014

Camping and kayak fishing Fenerty Lake and Horse Shoe Lake

Saturday afternoon I went camping and kayak fishing with three of my friends. It was a nice little hike from our cars to the Kayak launch site of Fenerty Lake. I was glad that I had a kayak cart! The Kayaking trip to our campsite in the woods between Fernerty Lake and Horse Shoe Lake was a 40 minute paddle trip due to the winds and choppy water.

 Old bunkers along the trail
Our boat launch site

Ounce we arrived at our campsite we set up our campsite and gathered some fire wood. Then we portaged our kayaks to Horse Shoe Lake and did some fishing. The lake wasn't productive at all only one small smallmouth bass was caught. I believe it had something to do with the wind, choppy water and time of day.

Unloading gear and portaging yaks to other lake
Our boats tide up along Horse Shoe Lake

 Our campsite

After fishing we enjoyed our camp fire and got ready for next day of fishing.
Next morning we started to make our way back home but did some fishing on the way back in Fernerty Lake and caught a few Smallies.

This trip was lots of fun and this is what Kayaking, camping and the great outdoors is all about!

Happy fishing and Tight Lines! 

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