Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Early September Yak Fishing on Fraser Lake

Well this morning I decided to head out on Fraser Lake for early morning of fishing. The forecast was partly cloudy with no wind but the forecast called for winds to pick up mid-morning. The lake access is hard to get at and you need a good Kayak cart to hull your kayak and gear to the lake and one steep embankment to go down to the water.

All the hard effort to access this lake is totally worth it since there is lots of Smallmouth Bass in this lake and it’s hardly fished due to the hard access.

I got to the water for a 7 am launch and the scenery and fog on the water was very beautiful and peaceful.

The first fish that I caught after approximately 15 minutes on the water was around 13”. I also caught lots of 9-11 inches this morning.


I caught approcimatelly 15-20 Smallmouth Bass this morning but had to leave the lake early due to the weather that quickly change to high wind causing lots of large swells on the lake.

Overall it was excellent fishing trip on Fraser Lake :)

Happy Fishing and Tight Lines.

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