Thursday, 25 September 2014

Easy to build Rod holder under $20

Here’s how to make a simple rod holder for your wall in your garage, shed, basement etc.., These are very easy to make and it only cost me $12.75 to build mine. This is the perfect cost effective way to store them to prevent any accidental damages to your rods.

Material needed:

  • 4 feet of 1½“ PVC piping
  • 1 sheet of sanding paper
  • 3/4“ Wood Screws
  • 2½“ Wood Screws
  • 7/8” Drill Bit
  • 1 8' x 3" x 3/4" pine board (I used drywall wood strap)


The symbol " means inches
The ssymbol ' means inches


1. Cut PVC pipe in 5 inch length;

2. Now drill a 7/8 of inch hole on one side of pipe 3 inches down;

3. Its now time to cut a straight line down from top of piece down to each side of hole drill in step above like picture;

4. Sand off all ruff edges and round off any corners;

5. To mount to  wooden board pre drill holes in the grooves cut out for screws (make samller hole then diameter of screws);

6. I mounted each rod holder 4” apart on my board using the ¾” wood screws (two screws per holder);

7. Mount the holder to wall using the 2 ½” wood screws but ensure they are screwed in the studs. I used a stud finder to find mine. (studs are usually located 16” on center;

Happy Fishing and Tight Lines! 

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