Monday, 29 September 2014

Saturday morning on Fraser and Maple Lake

On Saturday morning Sept 24th I decided to go fish Fraser and Maple Lake. I got to the lake at 06:00 am and when I got there I quickly realized that I forgot my paddle home. So I had to turn around and go back home and get my paddle. This delayed my fishing for about 45 minutes which isn’t that bad. I should have checked my gear twice before leaving! I guess it was a lesson learned. I got on the lake for 07:00 am after hiking the shitty trail down to the lake hulling my trident 13 on a cart. But all the effort was worth it.

 Trail going to lake
Shity hill on the trail to water

The weather was sunny no wind and the water was like glass which was perfect for top water action.
On Fraser lake I caught about 8 15-16 inches Smallmouth Bass.

Around 8:30 I decided to portage up the small creek in between Fraser and Maple Lake. The trek going to maple was kind of hard because the creek water was high and it had a pretty strong current. But I eventually made it to maple 30 minutes later.

The scenery over in Maple Lake was fantastic but the fishing wasn’t as good. I only caught about 4 smallies around 9” in size. I stayed there till about 10:00 am then left for home.

 Maple lake cove at end of creek

 Fishing the mouth of the creek

Happy Fishing and tight Lines! 

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