Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HRM Mini Boat Bassers 5th Tournament of 2014

On September 14th I participated with fellow Kayak fisherman in the HRM Mini Boat Bassers 5th Tournament of 2014 on First Lake. This competition is open to small boats and Kayaks. This is there first event that they actually add over 10 kayaks participating in the event. They still had over 21 participants in this event which was real nice to see with the shitty weather we add this morning.

My Ocean Kayak Trident 13 

Team  eXstream 

The weather was overcast with some light rain in the start of the completion with little to no wind. The rain quickly came to a stop one hour in the completion which was nice. In the early afternoon the wind started to pick up real fast.

It was awesome to see the Team eXstream come down from the valley and New Brunswick to participate in this competition. We all launched our Kayaks at 6:45 and the completion officially started at 07:00.

Time to hit the water! 

I never fished First Lake before so this lake was totally new to me and too many of the Kayak fisherman. We heard through lots of local folks that the lake was actually quite hard to fish this year. One of the rules of this competition is that you must have a fish over 9" for it to count. Lots of us caught lots under 9" but there still a few of the fisherman that still managed to pull a few Lunker's. 

 Me chilling lol
 Me trolling

The competition wrap up at 2 pm and by then everyone was pretty exhausted but we all add lots of fun on the water and we all learned a few thing. It was also quite comical to see a few boys grilling hot-dogs  in there aluminium boat while fishing and they were also offering hot-dogs to fellow fisherman. 

It was real nice to see a young boy take 1st place with 45.25" of Fish!

Brian and Ryan

One of our local Kayak Fisherman took 2nd place with 39.75" of fish!

Ryan Anderson

The third place was also taken by a young Girl with 36.25" of fish.

Jamie Blackburn and Aleigha

Biggest fish of the day known as the Lunker measuring in at 17.5". 

Jeremie and Dennis

The 50/50 winner the one and only Ryan Anderson :)

Ryan Anderson

I would like to say congrats to all the winners again! Also this competition was lots fun and it was well organized. I look forward to all of there competition next year in the Halifax, Sackville, and Dartmouth area. Special thanks to Mike Warren and Ed Fitzgerald for there hard work and effort in organizing these competitions. Also a special thanks to  Sackawa Canoe Club for letting us use there boat launch and property for this excellent event! 

Happy Fishing and Tight Lines! :)


  1. Thanks Shaun, hope to see you at all our tournaments next year . Our 1st tournament is Bisset Lake (tentative ) for May. great small boat lake with some big bass.

  2. Thx Shawn, was a fun day for sure... and it's the Team eXstream by the way ;)