Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Early eevening of Smallmouth fishing on Fraser lake

Well today Wednesday the 24th I went fishing on Fraser Lake late afternoon and early evening. When I got to the lake the water was real high and lots of flooding due to the heavy rain we had last Sunday. This made it a little more challenging to launch the kayak but was totally worth it. I started fishing at 5 pm and finished at 7 pm and I caught 32 Small-mouth bass today on Fraser all ranging from 8” to 16.5”. This was one of the best night on this lake this year. It was "fish on" pretty much every cast. I used drop shots with worms wacky rigged, flukes, and poppers. The weather was sunny and no wind which was perfect for fishing!

 11 3/4"




Happy Fishing and Tight Lines!

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