Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Early October late afternoon on Fraser Lake

Well today October 7th on my way home from work I decided to stop at Fraser lake for an hour or two of yak fishing. I decided to use my Hobie Kayak today for the ease of portaging it down to the water. I got to the lake for 3pm and fished till 4:30pm. The weather was overcast with lots of wind and a few gust. The water was a little choppy so I couldn’t use top waters. So today I decided to go with watermelon flukes. It was a pretty slow day for this lake but managed to catch approximately 10 Smallmouth Bass in a hour and half which isn’t that bad. The average size today was between 9” and 14”. It was also nice to see that the shore line was no longer flooded from the last storm. I believe the slow fishing today was due to the moon phase and forecast eclipse for tonight.  Overall it was a great day on the water!

Happy Fishing and Tight Lines! :)

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